Q1. what is baby loves disco japan? what are the details? is there a structure to the event?

baby loves disco japan is a family event; there is no structure, just plenty of environment, atmosphere and healthy snacks. there is disco music from thebabydiscologo 70s & 80s spun by professional djs and a mirror ball — but the music is turned down and the dance floors are well lit to get the mamas, papas and little ones moving in comfort. there is a chill-out space with edutainment toys, fun activities, a “special guest” and snacks for both kids and adults – plus the bar is open for non-driving adults. (Please note, content may vary depending on the venue.)

as for other baby loves disco cities&countries, each event and location are a bit different from each other but there are surprises to be found in each city: from goody bags and give-aways to mommy massages and daddy game rooms. we work with local mommy groups, sponsors and businesses in each community. so if you have something to share or suggest, please contact us.

Q2. what ages is this event for? what is the age limit? can my older/younger child attend?

baby loves disco japan is designed for kids 6 months through 7 years and their friends and family. older/younger siblings, grandparents, nanny and best friend are all invited. but, ultimately, you must be the judge: does your child like being around others? music? dancing? lights? try it out. for example – andy’s son has had very different reactions to the event over the years. sometimes he just wants to snack and read a book, other times he finds a friend to hang- out and play with and sometimes he just wants to dance, dance, dance!

Q3. who needs a ticket? do adults need a ticket? are children free?

all walking humans will each need their own ticket, both adults and children. only infants who are not yet walking are free. the ticket price will vary depending on the event.

Q4. do you sell group tickets? do you have discounts or group specials?

we do not currently offer a direct ticket discount for groups. however, please contact us if you are planning to attend in a large group (10 or more) – we may be able to offer you a discount and/or reserve space for your group.

Q5. do we need to come with a kid?

yes! we cannot allow any adults to enter bldj without a child.

Q6. i am having problems purchasing tickets online, how can i get help?

please send us your reservation by filling out the contact form.

Q7. what time do i need to come? do we have to show-up at the beginning of the event?

our usual event is two to three hours. you do not need to show up at any particular time – come when it’s best for you and your family! … something to keep in mind, when we have a special guest, his/her performance usually takes place about half way in to the event.

Q8. how can I bring baby loves disco japan to my town?

we are always looking for new cities in Japan & people to host bldj! if interested, please contact us with your inquiry.

Q9. do you offer private parties?

at bldj, we offer birthday parties, corporate parties, and private parties catered to your needs. please contact us with your inquiry.

Q10. what if my child makes poopie in his/her diaper during the party?

we will always prepare a changing station for you!

Q11. what if my husband & i are afraid to dance in public?

ah, well, this is the perfect time to face your fear – there will be plenty of little kids that will think he’s the best dancer in the world. besides, our fantastic disco divas & divos will be offering short ‘hustle’ sessions to help you break the ice.

Q12. how do I contact the promoter for press coverage requests?

please feel free to contact us with any/all requests.

logo_01we look forward to meeting you at baby loves disco japan!

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