Kinno Sisters

the kinno sisters – nana & marina – founders of baby loves disco japan, graduated from an international school in tokyo; and pursued further studies and work experience in the u.s.a. and europe, before returning to japan 10+ years ago. the kinno sisters have extensive knowledge & experience in various facets of media including interpreting, translation, event promotion, bilingual education and pr & representative for foreign individuals/corporations trying to break into the japan-market. their extended circle of friends in the international community in tokyo & birth of jadis, marina’s four year old intrinsic-dancing-hostess-with-mostess, triggered the kinno sisters to go on a quest for an interactive, physical & virtual ‘meeting space’ that would allow parents & kids, and families to exchange ideas & socialize.

for the kinno sisters, music & dance have always been absolute necessities in terms of expressing themselves. nana, a natural born talker (talked before I walked, as their mom recalls) and marina, who finds comfort in expressing herself through body-language and art – both wish bldj to be your excuse 😉 for everyone to ‘relive & share’ the good ol’ times with all their loved ones. bldj is a very special space where children & grown-ups could all be kids again!