Meet the Cast


All of our cast members are bilingual and have background working with children! They are available for small or large school and corporate parties. For more information

MC Stuart-O☆  (Stuart-O / スチュアート・オー)

stuart NHK E-TV “Pre Kiso Eigo”, NHK TV “Sushitown”, “Little Hello Kitty”, TV commercial – a  multi-talented actor, singer, voice over talent, DJ and MC — as seen in NTV”Guru Nine”and many other Japanese dramas, movies and TV-CM. By day, a popular producer/performer for own kid’s live shows like NHK “Happy Eigo (English)”; and by night, you can find Stuart-O singing alongside Japanese legendary rock star, Johnny Okura.Known as”MC Stuart-O”for Baby Loves Disco, he gets the party rolling and roaring, and whether you’re a kid or a grown up, no matter where you’re from, he’ll put a big smile on your face!


Disco Diva Nana  (Nana A. Kinno / 金納ななえ)

nana Producer/Navigator for Mobile program “Make Friends Eikaiwa(in English)”。Narrator and radio personality for bilingual educational programs including “Blendish”(We English School) iPhone App; and “Let’s Read the NIKKEI in English(Eiken)on Radio NIKKEI.Studied ballet, ballroom dancing, acting and singing since little, she enrolled in Lee Strasberg’s method acting classes and vocal training in jazz while in the U.S. Through Baby Loves Disco events and Baby Loves Music series, Nana hopes to expose Japanese kids to quality music and dance.She is the executive producer of Baby Loves Disco shows in Japan, but loves to boogie with kids as “Disco Diva Gold”. She is fluent in Japanese and English, and could handle the menu in Spanish and French. Nana has a superior talent in appearing like she’s from anywhere but Japan.


Hoop Diva Mikoli  (Kana / かな)

kana Mikoli studied hoop dance at its mecca, San Francisco.  She’s been active in the hoop scene since 2009 where she makes appearances at BLD, club scene, offering hoop lessons and in the media.


DJ Joe☆  (Joe / ジョー)

joe From Hip Hop to Salsa to Cha Cha Slide, DJ Joe can boogie to many beats and steps.  His original dance games and activities are cool and popular among kids and grown ups!


Hip Hop Master Chali☆  (Chali / チャリィ)

chali Chali got into street dance in Kita Kyushu when he was 15, after watching a dance program on TV.  He has a wide background in HIPHOP, LOCK, JAZZ, AFRICAN, HOUSE, and been a support dancer for popular J-groups/ events like a-nation, BOA, TRF, B’z in Fukuoka.After returning from LA in 2009, Chali was a finalist for Japan Dance Delight; appeared in Meisa Kuroki’s TV CM “Cola Shock”; and Dream Comes True concert. 2010 World Dance Colosseum HIPHOP2ON2 Battle Kyushu Finalist. Experience on TV, and now performs at club events and contests in a professional dance team CLAP PAIJHA.Hip Hop Master Chali gets the venue jumping & hopping to HIP HOP dance steps made-easy for kids and parents to share the fun!