BLDJ Interactive Show

disco BLDJ Interactive Show was launched last fall, in an effort to have more families enjoy our popular BLD dance lessons and activities. The size of the dance floors in a club restricted the no. of people taking part in our lessons, but BLD Interactive Shows are held at events/venues designed for over 100 participants. Room full of people dancing to the same beat, with the same steps is the essence of DISCO! shows are filled with cool dancing and singing activities for the entire family to enjoy.

The playlist used at our events is from our own Baby Loves Music series — produced by Grammy Award winning artists that Moms & Pops are familiar with. The musicians have created quality songs with child friendly storyline and lyrics. Baby Loves JAZZ activities are designed for babies just learning to stand; while Baby Loves DISCO is everyone’s favorite Boogie-oogie; and we’ve got Baby Loves HIP HOP for those who also like so sing along. Baby Loves Music continues to expand genre and activities!

“Baby Loves Disco PARTY” is ideal for Mom & Pop who are looking for a breather at the bar, while the kids are engaged in activities, while “Baby Loves Disco Interactive SHOW” is for families that prefer bright open spaces to let loose!

Invite us to participate in your school activities or company events! Contact us for more information.