Baby Loves Disco JAPAN

Baby Loves Disco JAPAN is brought to you by Kinna Corp.

cool, culture, communication, curiosity, and change are the keywords for baby loves disco japan, a fun-without-borders music & dance event featuring seasonal themes & hands-on activities from japan and beyond. it is a unique celebration and opportunity to learn with & through our most precious gems –cropped-babydiscologo.png children. whether you’re an oka-san, dad, nana, morfar/farfar, auntie, kuzyn, akh/akhot, or a friend, at last, an event everyone could enjoy and be a part of – it’s a family affair.

bldj’s ever-morphing monthly themes & interactive zones is a new and alternative source of entertainment for the entire family to enjoy. it is also a place where moms’ can exchange information on issues such as: raising children in a foreign environment; looking for alternative ways of assimilating into japanese culture & language; going-back-to-work; dads’ to form an international network of their own; and for the whole family to establish a unique & lasting friendship with other families from japan and around the world. bldj is a matchmaking entity, and an instigator that believes in maintaining a good work-life-balance – it’s in part, the face of a new generation.

in a similar fashion to bld, bldj is a mom and pop (or a two-sister company) recruiting other local inspirational ‘helpers’ in hope to encourage parents to live out their dream of being able to work from home, and to realize one’s potential – especially the new generation in japan.